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What is Golden Guernsey ©  Milk ?

What is Golden Guernsey ©  Milk ?

Guernsey milk contains many benefits over average milk*. Guernsey Milk has : 

12% more protein
30% more cream
33% more vitamin D
25% more vitamin A
15% more calcium

90% of Guernseys carry the Kappa Casein ‘B’ gene. This gene allows for a firmer and overall better cheese.

Something unique about Guernsey milk is that it is golden in color. The golden Guernsey milk is because of the abundance of beta carotene. There is beta carotene in their feed and Guernsey’s don’t break down beta carotene like other dairy breeds, so it goes straight into their milk for the consumer. Beta carotene is an antioxidant and has many health benefits.

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